B. Braman/ Digital Art

How much do we really see?  How much do we supply from the mind’s store of images?  How does a small glimpse of something become embedded in memory? Why does an image play on the emotions?  Early on, I was surprised at how a camera viewed the visual world,  it was so different from my own perception.  Marking art from photographs has become a conversation between the image the camera records and the image that I have in mind.  Capturing that image requires finding the settings and framing that communicate what resonates for me in a scene.  Taking the images into the digital darkroom allows me to enhance the ideas and emotions I find interesting.  This is something different than what the camera sees, it is what my heart and mind see.  It is the image that my brain remembers, tethered to the cast of light and the feeling of that one moment.

The image that results is neither a photograph nor traditional media.  There is a mysterious quality that flows between what is real, what is remembered and what is imagined.